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My First Concert

Well, my first first ever concert was in Worcester, Ma. I went to see the christian group, The Katinas. It was a family affair. I was really young and I don’t remember much except they signed a copy of their third album, Destiny. I also remember them playing 3LW “Players Gonna Play” in the stadium just before the concert, and wondering why that was even possible just before a contemporary christian music performance.

My first concert experience that I wholly remember was the first time I went to see Wiz Khalifa in concert. I was a freshman at Umass-Amherst and he was performing at the Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA. At the time I thought everyone new who Wiz Khalifa was. I asked all my friends to come see him with me (back then it was only $15 dollars to see him… I remember when it used to cost that much to see Drake). But none of them knew who he was and I couldn’t get them to come with me. That didn’t deter me however. On my way taking the B43, I noticed my floormates were on the bus as well. The butterflies in my stomach started fluttering as I began to anticipate the night. We walked into the nightclub and made our way to the center of the crowd which was already packed even though Hendersin was performing. Next came Yelawolf. Even though I hadn’t heard of him up until that time, just seeing him perform on stage, I’m now a die hard Yela fan. It took forever for Wiz to come on stage. The DJ played one of those tricks where she tells you (the crowd) your not live enough yet, knowing full well you are, just because Wiz isn’t ready yet. I kept thinking maybe he needs to finish his doobie. When Wiz finally came on stage, the whole crowd came alive. I was part of that. I didn’t want Wiz’s performance to ever end. I told myself before I left, I had to see him in concert the next time. And I did.


Congrats Tyga: What Wiz is Missing

Honey Cocaine vs. Lola Monroe

I do not support Femcee against Femcee, there’s so few out their I find it absolutely purposeless to beef. However, I do want to say that I listened to some of Honey Cocaine’s freestyles for the first time on Youtube (check her out!) and I feel bad for Wiz for rolling on the L. Monroe bandwagon. And thats why I say congrats Tyga. The new Last Kings princess has a great flow and I actually feel like she’s rapping about something unlike Lola Monroe and others I could mention. It is kind of weird that she just came on the map and she’s already been thrown into Tyga’s arms. But I’m pretty sure it will work out for Honey, Tyga, and the rest of the YMCMB team.

Wiz Khalifa & The Taylor Gang Cover The Source

Let me know what you guys think about this Hip Hop Heads… do you see anything wrong with this picture. I love Taylor Gang but how awkward is it when I have to acknowledge that Juicy J, once part of legendary grammy winning crew Three 6 Mafia, is now a part of the younger up & coming Taylor Gang sound. I don’t want to sound too “pessimistic” but what is the world coming to when artists make business ventures like these just to survive in the game.

Taylor Allderdice

Mixtape Review

Taylor Allderdice Cover

Hey bloggers! Giving you a chance too take a listen for yourself if you are Wiz Khalifa fans or just curious about the up-and-comer, here is a track-by-tack review of Taylor Allderdice. On March 13th, Wiz let out a slew a tweets alerting his fans to download a copy of his 8th solo mixtape.

  1. “Amber Ice” – starts of the smooth stoner vibe ever present in his tape. As the first song on the tape, “Amber Ice” serves as his dedication to fiancee Amber Rose and the strain of weed he created
  2. “California” – Although Wiz Khalifa hails from Pittsburgh, he is always California Dreaming. A nice song to ride to about relaxing with the people you’re cool with.
  3. “Mia Wallace” – has a jazz feel to it and showcases Wiz’s different influences. One of those songs that are very relatable to any stoner.
  4. “Guilty Conscience” – definitely has some down south undertones to it. Reminds me of “Taylor Gang” off of his third album, Rolling Papers.
  5. “Mary 3x” – Although Wiz is a stoner rapper, and every song at least talks about Mary Jane, he always has one track on every mixtape completely devoted to the drug.
  6. “O.N.I.F.C.” – Wiz plans on naming his next album O.N.I.F.C. so hopefully we see this track on there as well.
  7. “Nameless” a pretty low key song with a repetitive hook (“Lifestyle of the rich and famous”) that’s sure to get stuck in your head if you listen to it a few times
  8. “Never Been Pt. 2” – very “space-poppy”. Hopefully, you catch my meaning. Less mainstream-poppish then music previously heard on Rolling Papers but it fits considering Amber Rose is featured on the rack.
  9. “The Cruise” – Wiz starts off by asking if anyone out there has regular or king-sized papers on this Frank Ocean-assisted track. This track might be a favorite for fans of Deal or No Deal, yet its sure to appeal to his new fans. Kind of a perfect song for that only blunt-ride.
  10. “Rowland” – “My first thought at seeing the title… an ode to Kelly Rowland? Not quite. Rowland definitely serves as a pun for “rollin'”. There has to be more to it. Of course, I’d need to do more research to find out. Take a listen and share your thoughts on the comments below.
  11. My Favorite Song” -this is definitely not a new song by oft collaborators Wiz & Juicy J but I’m glad it made it onto the mixtape. This song is very much Wiz Khalifa’s standard flow. And here he follows the rule: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It. The formula definitely marks this track as a hit.
  12. “T.A.P.” – “Lets Take A Plane”.  Just your usual standard stoner song. Juicy J’s verse brings some variation to the song and keeps it from sounding monotonous that and the eerie tune.
  13. “The Code” – is pretty much everything that’s taylor. And what better way to represent Taylor Gang then to introduce Taylor Gang’s first lady Lola Monroe on the track.
  14. “The Grinder” – is a track produced by the legendary Jake One (he’s produced for Freeway, G-Unit, De La Soul, & E-40 just to name a few) showing that Wiz is now in the big leagues of the rap game.
  15. “Brainstorm” – Personally, not much to say about this one. Seemed just as the title suggests, a brainstorm he probably wrote on paper then decided to rap over a cool Santana-style instrumental.
  16. “Number 16” – Whether he couldn’t think of a title or it was meant to be the 16th track its definitely a nice song to just bump too. Minus the expletives, this is also a song I could see playing on the radios since it exhibits a lot of his auto-tuned singing on the hook.
  17. “Blindfolds” – Of course, Wiz, end your mixtape flaunting your lifestyle… reminding everyone how big your ballin’ and how much dough your rollin’ in.

Blessing’s Favorite Tracks: “My Favorite Song” is one of my favorites because its the Wiz Khalifa flow I fell in love with since B.A.R.S. and “Guilty Conscience”, I’m a sucker for catchy songs with a dirty south sound.