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Congrats Tyga: What Wiz is Missing

Honey Cocaine vs. Lola Monroe

I do not support Femcee against Femcee, there’s so few out their I find it absolutely purposeless to beef. However, I do want to say that I listened to some of Honey Cocaine’s freestyles for the first time on Youtube (check her out!) and I feel bad for Wiz for rolling on the L. Monroe bandwagon. And thats why I say congrats Tyga. The new Last Kings princess has a great flow and I actually feel like she’s rapping about something unlike Lola Monroe and others I could mention. It is kind of weird that she just came on the map and she’s already been thrown into Tyga’s arms. But I’m pretty sure it will work out for Honey, Tyga, and the rest of the YMCMB team.


Tyga performs at Westfield State University

On Friday, April 20th to Saturday, April 21st WSU hosted a slew of events on campus for residents and one guest each. The final event of the evening (unless your counting the dance party) was Tyga’s performance with Moufy as opener.

Let’s skip past Moufy and Tyga’s songs up until “Make It Nasty”. My best friend and I made made our way inside the gymnasium and to the front of the stage just as the cut was ending. To be honest, I’m not a Tyga fan and it’s a shame I don’t really remember the songs I did get to hear except “Rack City” and “Far Away.” Tyga performed both after calling up 10+ girls on stage (my best friend one of them woop! woop!)

One thing I can say for sure, the crowd was hype and Tyga is actually a great performer. But one can only imagine how much experience he has gotten since being a party of YMCMB for at least the past two years.

Now fast forward to the end of my night, even if I can’t say I met Tyga I did get to talk to his brother Nino post-concert and we shook hands… yeah, yeah I know.

(Sorry to break it to you ladies, both Tyga & Nino are in committed relationships.)