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The L.A. Riots

April 29th marked the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots. Sad to say even though I was one years old at the time I am not caught up on my history. I spent that week wondering why many different television networks were covering the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots. Rodney King did extensive interviews on HLN with Dr. Drew and on CNN with Piers Morgan. In both interviews, King talked about the Trayvon Martin tragedyΒ  and discussed his new book, “The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption.” Although it was not an interview, one surprising documentary featuring King aired on VH1 entitled : “Uprising: Hip-Hop and the L.A. Riots.” It was very informative and I enjoyed the way they blended telling the story of Rodney King and the riots while still inserting hip hop culture. As far as I know, this has never been done before and they did an excellent job.

If you can, please check that out. In the meantime, here’s a video to a full CNN documentary on the Rodney King beatings, 21 years later.


First Posting

Hello, MusicLovers!

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Hello, Audience! First, a little bit about myself and why I created this blog. I am a college student from Massachusetts. And a communications major. I have great hopes in being a radio personality and/or television host, the great art of “veejaying” is a dying breed 😦

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Don’t get caught up on the great use of grammar, this is a school project. Still, don’t be fooled. I love everything that happens in hip hop culture from fashion to rap and r&b.

Certainly, as a child I listened to a wider range of music and I wont deny that my musical tastes have narrowed as I got older. But I am not here to appease the masses.

Keep it posted for NEW music from your favorite hip-hop artists as well as some you’ve never heard. (I’m also a fan of Afro-Hip Hop and Brit Hip Hop!)