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Where Are They Now?

Does anyone remember the name Brooke Valentine? Some of you may never have even heard of her. Well, she is a singer with the swagger of a femcee. In 2005, Brooke Valentine first hit the mainstream with her Top Billboard 100 single “Girl Fight” off of her debut Chain Music LP. When I first stumbled upon the newly “refurbished” and renamed B. Valentine I was filled with excitement.  I came to discover that the Princess of the South has been missing from the game for 6 years because she has taken the time to care for her baby boy who was born prematurely and suffered a stroke at birth.

New Album - Forever

I realized my love for Brooke Valentine and my random musings over the past 6 years as too what has happened to Brooke Valentine (I was sooo hoping she wouldn’t be added to list of one-hit-wonders!!!) is because she hails from H-Town. I love everything (especially the music scene) that comes out of Houston so I am greatly looking forward to whatever singles she plans on releasing in the oncoming months.

Brooke Valentines third album, Forever, is slated for release in February/March 2012.

3/26/12 Update:  Video review soon for single, “Forever”