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My First Concert

Well, my first first ever concert was in Worcester, Ma. I went to see the christian group, The Katinas. It was a family affair. I was really young and I don’t remember much except they signed a copy of their third album, Destiny. I also remember them playing 3LW “Players Gonna Play” in the stadium just before the concert, and wondering why that was even possible just before a contemporary christian music performance.

My first concert experience that I wholly remember was the first time I went to see Wiz Khalifa in concert. I was a freshman at Umass-Amherst and he was performing at the Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA. At the time I thought everyone new who Wiz Khalifa was. I asked all my friends to come see him with me (back then it was only $15 dollars to see him… I remember when it used to cost that much to see Drake). But none of them knew who he was and I couldn’t get them to come with me. That didn’t deter me however. On my way taking the B43, I noticed my floormates were on the bus as well. The butterflies in my stomach started fluttering as I began to anticipate the night. We walked into the nightclub and made our way to the center of the crowd which was already packed even though Hendersin was performing. Next came Yelawolf. Even though I hadn’t heard of him up until that time, just seeing him perform on stage, I’m now a die hard Yela fan. It took forever for Wiz to come on stage. The DJ played one of those tricks where she tells you (the crowd) your not live enough yet, knowing full well you are, just because Wiz isn’t ready yet. I kept thinking maybe he needs to finish his doobie. When Wiz finally came on stage, the whole crowd came alive. I was part of that. I didn’t want Wiz’s performance to ever end. I told myself before I left, I had to see him in concert the next time. And I did.


Tyga performs at Westfield State University

On Friday, April 20th to Saturday, April 21st WSU hosted a slew of events on campus for residents and one guest each. The final event of the evening (unless your counting the dance party) was Tyga’s performance with Moufy as opener.

Let’s skip past Moufy and Tyga’s songs up until “Make It Nasty”. My best friend and I made made our way inside the gymnasium and to the front of the stage just as the cut was ending. To be honest, I’m not a Tyga fan and it’s a shame I don’t really remember the songs I did get to hear except “Rack City” and “Far Away.” Tyga performed both after calling up 10+ girls on stage (my best friend one of them woop! woop!)

One thing I can say for sure, the crowd was hype and Tyga is actually a great performer. But one can only imagine how much experience he has gotten since being a party of YMCMB for at least the past two years.

Now fast forward to the end of my night, even if I can’t say I met Tyga I did get to talk to his brother Nino post-concert and we shook hands… yeah, yeah I know.

(Sorry to break it to you ladies, both Tyga & Nino are in committed relationships.)

Tupac at Coachella 2012

On Sunday April 15, 2012 Tupac either *rose from the dead* or *came out of his hiding spot* and performed a set with Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. Not really, but on the third day of Coachella 2012 Tupac’s hologram was introduced to the world. It’s amazing. Five days later and people are still talking about it. Watching the video on YouTube (which I’ll post after the jump) was eerie. Just imagine, now that the whole world saw this, how likely it will be that by next year or maybe within the next few years we will see more holograms of dead artists. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

It’s hard to think of the above scenario without kind of knowing that eventually (probably decades from now) the music industry will be using such technology in place of live performing artists. Just imagine, Beyonce is sick. The show’s producers wont panic. No, instead they’ll just project her 3D hologram on stage. The scary thing is that by then, the technology will probably be so advanced, we wouldn’t even know the difference.

Honestly, I still wish I was at Coachella 2012 to see Tupac perform “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.” The feeling I felt seeing Holo-pac for the first time on video, would have been magnified 10 times more watching him so amped on stage with his chain swinging and the replication of his tattoos and swag. The hologram was great quality, so I’m kind of torn. I did like the hologram but I don’t want this to be the impending future for the music world, or any world for that matter.