Tupac at Coachella 2012

On Sunday April 15, 2012 Tupac either *rose from the dead* or *came out of his hiding spot* and performed a set with Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. Not really, but on the third day of Coachella 2012 Tupac’s hologram was introduced to the world. It’s amazing. Five days later and people are still talking about it. Watching the video on YouTube (which I’ll post after the jump) was eerie. Just imagine, now that the whole world saw this, how likely it will be that by next year or maybe within the next few years we will see more holograms of dead artists. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

It’s hard to think of the above scenario without kind of knowing that eventually (probably decades from now) the music industry will be using such technology in place of live performing artists. Just imagine, Beyonce is sick. The show’s producers wont panic. No, instead they’ll just project her 3D hologram on stage. The scary thing is that by then, the technology will probably be so advanced, we wouldn’t even know the difference.

Honestly, I still wish I was at Coachella 2012 to see Tupac perform “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.” The feeling I felt seeing Holo-pac for the first time on video, would have been magnified 10 times more watching him so amped on stage with his chain swinging and the replication of his tattoos and swag. The hologram was great quality, so I’m kind of torn. I did like the hologram but I don’t want this to be the impending future for the music world, or any world for that matter.


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