The Azonto Dance

If you just watched the above video, or searched up the Azonto Dance, you’re probably wondering what this new African dance craze is all about. Hot off of Oliver Twist‘s tail, Azonto originates from Ghana rather than Nigeria. However, the phenomenon has spread to Nigeria as well as Ghanians and Nigerians alike abroad in both the UK and US.

Below are the steps so you can do the Azonto too!

1. “Step, step: You can move from the right to left, left”

2. “Do a freestyle”

3. “Put your hands then you rep, rep”

4. “Twist your fingers. You can wave and say hello, lo, lo”

5. “Make a fist then you can hit them with that blow, blow, blow”


One comment

  1. ginganinjaa

    I think that your blog is very concise which makes it more enjoyable for readers who are browsing! I myself liked how your posts are shorter than most, yet very informative! This post was cool because you posted a video, briefly stated your thoughts, and then listed the dance moves that mimmic the dance in the video. Your blog definitely caught my attention within 3 seconds on being on your page because of the photos, videos and interactive surveys. Cool blog!

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