Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Remix)

Have you heard the new full-length remix to the Birthday Cake interlude on Talk that Talk? Well, if not you are in for a shock!!

Both Rihanna and former boyfriend, Chris Brown, have teamed up to produce a remix that leaves more to be said about their relationship than the actual song itself.

With Chris’ past physical abuse of Rihanna and lyrics from Chris stating it’s been a long time, I been missin’ your body”  great controversy has sparked.

Rihanna also has jumped on the remix for Chris Brown’s “Turn  Up the Music”.  Although it doesn’t contain any explicit lyrics, there is no word as to whether either Birthday Cake (Remix) or Turn Up the Music (Remix) will receive their shine as studio supported singles.


What is your take on it? Should Rihanna and Chris Brown come together to create music, or is it offensive?


One comment

  1. bebe911

    1. The relevant information is the shocking collaboration between Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend/abuser, Chris Brown. So many people are upset with this, while still others have positive opinions or no opinion at all.

    2. Two new additions to my blogroll are refinedhype.com and gspoetry.com

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