I Will Always Love You Whitney

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. Your legacy will live on.

This is my own personal tribute to Whitney Houston. Some may say days late. I retort, it’s never too late to pay your respects to a great legend.

I’ve come to watch tv less and less so when I heard the news I was on twitter and R.I.P. Whitney Houston was a trending topic. At first, I thought it was just another “twitter pranker” (for lack of a better term) fooling the masses into believing this. So, I double checked on Google.

I was shocked and hurt. I grew up to her music and her films. I was always hoping for her second comeback (the successful one — similar to Britney Spear’s and Chris Brown’s experience).

Now I won’t pretend like I listened to all of her music all the time. If she did come on the radio though, no one was turning the station! But I did have one song in particular in rotation off of her last album I Look to You (2009).

Here is: “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”
performed at the 2009 AMA awards

(Even though you can tell performing was a struggle for her, I loved that she remained a true artist with a live orchestra and chorus and no lip-syncing whatsoever).


One comment

  1. egway

    I like how you broke up your blog postings containing links into two separate ones. It obviously makes more sense to do it that way because they’re on two different topics. I like that you tie in your own opinion compared to how the general public is reacting to the death of Whitney Houston. I also like how you included your favorite song as a video to have more of a visual.

    Maybe you could include a little bit more about Houston’s life (if known) as kind of a tribute?

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