First Posting

Hello, MusicLovers!

Hello, WordPress Family!

Hello, Hip Hop Heads!

Hello, Listeners!

Hello, Audience! First, a little bit about myself and why I created this blog. I am a college student from Massachusetts. And a communications major. I have great hopes in being a radio personality and/or television host, the great art of “veejaying” is a dying breed 😦

I am an avid music listener and I DJ for 89.5 FM WSKB also available on line. Catch me every Sunday from 12-2 AM. An update with link will be provided shortly.

Update: New Time Slot. (Yaaay!!) Listen to me on the radio 89.5FM and/or stream online every Monday 6-8 PM.

Don’t get caught up on the great use of grammar, this is a school project. Still, don’t be fooled. I love everything that happens in hip hop culture from fashion to rap and r&b.

Certainly, as a child I listened to a wider range of music and I wont deny that my musical tastes have narrowed as I got older. But I am not here to appease the masses.

Keep it posted for NEW music from your favorite hip-hop artists as well as some you’ve never heard. (I’m also a fan of Afro-Hip Hop and Brit Hip Hop!)



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